When your birthday is on October, you know you are going to have a costume theme party.  A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated my girl’s 6th birthday!!! And I was thrilled that she chose a superhero theme for her party. I loved every minute of planning this party with her. Like all little girls, she looked forward to her party all year round, and loves helping me decorating and planning everything, and like her mom, she can be quite the bossy lady!! It runs in the family!!

So the guests arrived and we started with a photo shoot on an improvised Photo Booth with some props and the girls just loved posing!! Each girl was given superhero cape as a party favor. Can you imagine how cute all the girls looked running around the party in their capes???!!! Plus, the girls came dressed up so this made them looked extra adorable!!!


Now to the food, Ximena is obsessed with donuts so we made some small donuts at home which to be quite honest, didn’t come out as cute, but they where ok. Then we toped them with pink frosting, which every girl loves. The colors where her favorite, pink and aqua-aquamarine like Ximena calls it, which is basically light green. I had to negotiate a little with the black, since she is a girl and wants everything with bright colors, so we came to an arrangement.


Now to the activities, which were also chosen by Ximena. She wanted three things in her party: a hula-hoop contest, a slime station, and her favorite thing, which is to draw. So we had a slime station where each girl was given their individual kit, then we had the hula-hoop contest and I printed out a huge backdrop of buildings where they painted throughout the party.






Hold on to that wish Ximena, and when you grow  up remember,  once upon a time you where a little girl with big dreams that promised you’d make real one day.


It wouldn’t have been a party without a Piñata!!cumple76” I want all the girls to know that their voice can change the world” Malala


A big shout out to my amazing family; to my husband who is my biggest supporter in all of my crazy ideas, and to my wonderful parents, I couldn’t have done the party without you. Thank you for always being there, you are the best father and grandparents someone could ever ask!!!

Ximena is so lucky to have all of you in her life!!