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I was born into the warm embrace of Mexico, where family connections and memories are truly revered. As I grew up, my father took countless pictures of me and my two sisters with his always ready camera. To this day, those childhood memories are framed on the wall of my parents’ home. And I can still pour over the family albums that my mother lovingly bound every year of my life. The joy and sense of belonging they bring me are invaluable, especially now that I can share them with my own two daughters. 

As time passed, I discovered I had a passion for photography and began to tell our family story through my own lens. But I reached a pivotal moment when my father was recovering from a serious surgery. It happened as I was printing a picture of my family surrounding his hospital bed. The love and poignancy captured in that moment struck me to my very core. It was then I realized the power and importance of capturing life’s journey on film and decided to become a professional photographer.

Life is full of beautiful and ephemeral moments that deserved to be honored. Moments that could all too easily slip away in an avalanche of digital images. By surrounding ourselves with printed photographs, we give ourselves a vital sense of belonging and a legacy that we can pass down generation to generation. It gives me a deep sense of satisfaction to make your family my family as we capture those moments together. I come to you as a photographer, yes. But also as a mother, wife and daughter who understands that is the rare and delicate threads of our dearest memories that help to keep us strong. 

Alejandra Escalante