I have said it before, but I’m definitely not wrong about this, my clients are truly the best, and the Awad family was no exception at all! They’re such a great family, and a big one too, so of course it was a lot of fun! The family, being four girls and the youngest one a boy (who of course is the baby of everyone and steals every heart with each smile and laugh), made it so much fun to shoot! And as you will see, they’re one big happy family, each with a unique personality!

We met at this beautiful spot on the beach where we found a tree that made for some amazing pictures! The four girls and the little boy were having such a great time exploring around!

Here’s the girls and the boys, who are pretty outnumbered!

In the end, after all the playing around and the beautiful pictures, Mom and Dad still had a little time for some shoots of their own! They both look stunning and truly happy!