So I’ve been wanting to post about this session for a while, I’m really lucky with the people I get to work with. They’re such an amazing family that every second spent in the shooting was wonderful, they’re so easygoing but strong willed that it was to be admired. As you can see below, they’re truly a loving family.

But what I loved most about this session, was definitely seeing the relationship between Haniel and Caleb, despite the age difference they truly have a beautiful bond. They were both really sweet and smart children.

We met at this beautiful spot at the beach, and were able to take advantage of some of the surroundings that were amazing, as a family they love everything related to nature, so this place was very special for them, they got some beautiful shots doing what they love most as a family. When the sun was set, they were cherishing that moment in such a unique way as a family, and I was lucky enough to capture the moment.