You might be wondering if there’s that big of a difference between Fresh 48 and newborn. The answer is YES. Fresh 48 sessions take place in the hospital during daylight hours before discharge to go home. Babies are photographed just as they are, in their little hospital hat and iconic blanket. All those special moments at the hospital where your baby is as little as he will ever be, will forever be treasured in photographs. And if you get to do both, you’ll be amazed by the changes your baby will have in a matter of days.

I can honestly say that I loved this session, cause as a mom I can relate to this truly beautiful moment, it changes your life and your family’s. During the shoot, it was so sweet to watch Sebastian being held by his parents, admiring all of his little features. You could see how happy they were contemplating their amazing, unique, and super adorable baby. What was also super sweet, was watching Nico become an older brother, you can see how excited he is in the pictures, and the sweetest thing was, his new little brother, Sebastian, got him some paw patrol cars so he wouldn’t feel left out. Nico instantly fell in love with his little brother, he even aligned his new cars to play with him, it was adorable to watch and beautiful to capture.

Here we can see Nico giving his new brother, Sebastian, a lovely kiss!