The ultimate portarit experience

The ultimate portrait experience: petite branding shoots with a twist

The ultimate portrait experience is a time- and budget-friendly way to work together that includes a gorgeous shoot space plus a bespoke portrait experience meticulously crafted to dissolve your pre-shoot worries.

Getting Ready

Have you often found yourself overwhelmed by the stress of getting ready for a photo shoot, especially when those nagging negative thoughts about your body and appearance start to take over?

I completely understand how challenging that can be, which is why I’ve come up with the perfect remedy just for you.
Our journey commences with a serene guided meditation from life coach Pamela Togging, aimed at centering your mind and our followed by mirror ritual and empowerment practice.

grab some new brand photos FOR Q3 so you can EMERGE into spring with fresh content!
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Meditation and mirrow ritual 9:30-10:30
Personal branding photos 10:30 a 4:00 pm

265nw 105th st

do any of these sound familiar?
  • Have you found yourself in the midst of pre-photoshoot anxiety, grappling with self-critical thoughts about your body and appearance?
  • You’re pressed for time balancing work and family and life and can’t fathom taking a whole day out of your chaotic schedule for a shoot?
  • You know you need fresh marketing content but you’re overwhelmed at the idea of planning a shoot to yourself?

  • You’re a tad nervous in front of the camera but you’re ready to take the first step?

  • You don’t have the budget for a full branding session PLUS location rental to your own shoot?

if you want to feel…
  • Banish those negative thoughts and let your true beuty shine.

  • Ready to jump back into social media with fresh high, quality content

  • Prepared with photos you’re proud of next time you’re asked for one to supplement your press or podcast feature

  • Proud of yourself for taking a step toward more visibility

…then keep scrolling
the ultimate branding session – $350
What’s included:
  • Guided meditation: Wewill start with a soothing mediation to bring tranquility to your mind and uplift your spirit.
  • Personal sylist : She will be there to englighten us on body types an how to achieve that perfect harmony in style.
  • Gorgeous location rental: renting a studio house is expensive. The deluxe portrait experince takes the hassle and cost out of doing it yourself.- and this one is beautiful
  • 30-minute guided shoot: ‘ll guide you throughout your shoot so you know how to pose, where to look so you just have to worry about looking fabulous.
  • Private proofing gallery: Your proof gallery will be delivered within a week and you get to choose your favorites – 5 images included with the option to purchase more

Total cost If you where to book all of this $1,600

if you book the ultimate portraite experince ONLY $350

Picture yourself standing before the camera, exuding confidence and effortlessly exalting your natural charm, each frame radiating positivity.
added bonus

While you are waiting for 20-minute session, I have a special treat awaiting you, Melisa a personal stylist , will be there to to enlighten you on body types and how to achieve that perfect harmony in style.




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