Enrique and Carola  are officially expecting a little girl to join their family.  The little bundle of cuteness is set to arrive in just in time for the holidays. So far, Carola has had a somewhat easy pregnancy. Like most moms in their final trimester, she is counting down the days until Fatima is welcomed into our world!! But she is in good hands the father to be happens to be an excellent and very  respected Obstetrician-gyncologicts in Miami.


These kiddos are too adorable for words. I mean, how can you resist their grins? And the outfits? Perfection!

STYLE_4Even though  Carola expressed she was  somewhat doubtful about a maternity session, after all she had already been through it 3 times before, and this was her first maternity session. Can you believe that? And look at her- she honestly looked stunning!Their little baby is definitely a lucky one — look at all that love!! Cant wait to meet you Fatima.






See? I told you she was beautiful! Can’t wait to meet little (baby’s name) when (she/he) finally arrives!