The photos I’m sharing with you today turned out so beautifully. As I was editing all the preview pictures for this blog post, I kept getting more and more excited with how they all turned out.

For this maternity session I met up  this amazing family at one of my favorite locations in Miami. As soon as we got there  I knew we were in for some awesome photos  and as you can see from the pictures below, Claudia  was the perfect soon-to-be mom. Any photographer would be lucky to photograph her. She was also the best sport, taking pictures, even in the hot humid weather of Miami, we had to take a break, but she decided to keep on going.  “No, she said its all worth it for the picture let’s finish it”

And how about  Juli, let me tell you she was the funniest girl I have ever photographed. She kept coming over to tell me that she was going to loose her first teeth. And then even took some great shots of her parents making them make silly faces. She was just to cute.c25blog claudiaC18c15

Overall, we had a really great time together and I know that Gabriel is going to be blessed to be part of such a wonderful family.