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Give your children the gift of capturing memories!

As a professional photographer and a mom of two girls, I have witnessed how their curiosity for photography has ignited the spark of knowledge.

Lately I have been busy trying to figure out how to create fun activities for my girls and sharing my passion with them has developed their creativity, self expression and confidence.

Because I know that kids love taking pictures, through this course I am hoping to share this knowledge with your children as well.

“My hope is that your kids will learn about photography but even, more, that you have a lot of fun together along the way. It is a course designed to help children explore their own creativity and express themselves though photos”

Alejandra Escalante


A DSLR is NOT require for this class, students can use any type of camera or cellphone.

Students will learn about:

– Choosing subjects
– Lighting
– Composing images
– How to pull their ideas together to make creative photographs
– The basics of ISO aperture and shutter speed.

They will receive

– Printed workbook that will engage your kids and keep them entertained for hours.
– 12 activity sheets
– Photographers badge template
– 3 kings card game / ( aperture, shutter speed and ISO)
– Certificate of completion
– 10 interactive videos

Because each kid is different, they can learn at their own pace with the videos created especially for them or they can follow along in the workbook.

I will also be available once a week to answer any questions and go over the assignment, giving the kids positive feedback that will cultivate their interest in photography.

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I put this workshop together with the help of my girls, I enjoyed every minute of it! And it helped me to see how they grabbed the concepts, and everything I taught them. I got lots of feedback from them. So the saying goes, teachers learn more from their students!!
My goal is that your your kids will learn, enjoy, have fun and master the basic concepts of photography that would be useful for a lifetime, while at the same time learn to capture what photography really is all about.
Capturing moments that they will cherish forever!!!!!!

How is this workshop presented?

It’s in a video format, so your kid can watch it at his own pace.

Will my kid be able to re-watch the videos?

Absolutely! Once you’re signed up for the class, you will have access to the videos as many times as you’d like.

Do I have to sit down with my kid during the worksop?

No, each module is made specifically for kids.
But of course if you are willing to learn about photography you are welcome
to join!!

I don’t want my kid to have a virtual experience in summer. Is there another way she/he can have access to the material?

Of course, I will be sending you a workbook with all the information. 

So your child can read it with you or by themselves, and still learn everything taught in the course.

Will my kid have one on one time with you?

YES! I will be checking with your kid each week, to go over any questions she/he may have, and review their work.

Does my child need to have any prior experience?

No she/he doesn’t. Each lesson plan is designed with easy concepts they can understand and take to practice.

What will they be learning?

Everything they need to know about basic photographic concepts. Composition rules, lighting, focus, motion.

What age group is this workshop for?

It is designed for children 6 – 12. Every concept is explained in a very friendly way. It may even help Mom and Dad!!

What kind of camera does my child need?

Any kind can be used DSLR, mirrorless, point and shoot, instant film camera or even a mobile phone!!
Just keep in mind that some camera features will be more limited, based on the type you’re using.




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